Dang, I lost my Swag....

Blog posts.  Where does one begin? Did you know that the word comes from two words Web Log hence "blog".  Interesting.  Anyway, I feel very excited about having one but the stuff that's on my mind doesn't always have a lot to do with the products that I make or the plus size world.  I'm also super sensitive to what goes on in the social media world.  So much is said about people some truth and some untruths yet it all lives on into infinity.  That's a scary thing for me.  Too much exposure.  Maybe I'm being just a bit too sensitive or taking all this too serious.  Whatever the case I've decided to write about whatever is on my mind that day whether it's self promotion, something that's just on my mind, or the promotion of someone else.  Today I feel like talking about how we can make ourselves feel better.  So here it is:

Today I was telling my husband how much I wish that I could be the person that I used to be a few years ago.  I was fearless and would never shrink back from a challenge and you couldn't tell me that I didn't  have enough confidence and swag to make me float like a cloud.  I knew that I wasn't the best in the world at everything but I was confident enough in myself that I could be. It's funny how a lack of confidence transfers into a lack of confidence in how you feel about yourself and your looks.  Maybe it's because I was defining my outward self by my business accomplishments and outlook.  But somehow over the last few years I just lost my business swagger and in turn lost my physical confidence - I just felt plain ol' ugly. 

My husband did what husband's are supposed to do which is make me feel like a Rock-Star and he did.  So I decided to take it a step further and see what was out there on the subject of making yourself feel better.  I really like this article that I found entitled: 15 Tips to Make You Feel Pretty My favorite tip is: #15. Remind yourself that you’re probably a lot prettier than you think you are. Nobody is more critical or aware of every flaw and blemish you have than you. Set an alarm with Siri and have her tell you how attractive you probably are, or refer back to this article, follow the steps, wince and repeat.  Just be advised that  Tip #12 uses an unnecessary word that I would never use ---- just saying.Anyway, go ahead and enjoy your 14 other tips and get your own swagger on.