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About Us

Since 2005 this revolutionary product has been offering inner thigh relief to women all over the world by way of our Classic Luvees Panty and Thigh Coverall. An idea that sprung out of a need, Luvees protects the inner thigh from skin-on-skin rub in the hottest of weather. Made from breathable and comfortable 4-way stretch lace Luvees gives women ease of movement throughout the day.  While we have added more products over the years our primary focus is comfort wear for women of all sizes.

We have received so much positive feedback about this product, mostly from women who have said: “my life has changed….what a great product.” We’re sure that you’ll be saying the same thing after you’ve given Luvees a try. That’s why they’re called Luvees because like our other customers you’ll “love” them too.