Luvees History - The Full Story on Inner Thigh Burning

Thigh Burning, Rubbing, Chaffing,

inner thigh burn, rubbing, chaffing

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SELANI Corporation was established in January 2005 by Anita M. Broady, suburban mom and wife with two kids, two great dogs named Ginger and Cinnamon, and an awesome husband. The name of the company is taken from the first three letters of both her and her husband's name Selwyn. Combined, they form SELANI.

Anita Broady entered the world of inventions out of sheer necessity. Anita was not able to find products that she needed that would either make her more comfortable or make life easier. The first invention out of the blocks was Luvees™ Thigh Coverall. Luvees Thigh Coverall came into existence when Anita was planning a trip to Miami Beach in July 2004. Anita was familiar with the heat and humidity in Florida and knew that without something to address her inner thigh rubbing (or chub rub) she would not be able to walk down the strip of Miami Beach in her fabulous sundresses. Out of the question was a slimming girdle with a leg attachment or biker shorts. Anita wanted to feel feminine and pretty underneath - not mechanical or boyish. With one week to put something together she opened up her lingerie drawer and started cutting, sewing, and pasting until she had created what she needed, which was the first very primitive version of Luvees Thigh Coverall to help with inner thigh burn. Off to Miami Beach and what a wonderful trip it was because of Luvees Thigh Coverall. When she returned home she returned to her full-time job and began to inquire of a few other females about inner thigh rubbing problems. To her surprise, this was not isolated to her.

Hmmmm.... Anita thought… if she had this problem and several females at work had this problem, then there must be millions of females that have this problem too. Anita began working on the 'original' Luvees Thigh Coverall prototype with a professional seamstress and while refining the design she realized that offering Luvees Thigh Coverall in different styles would also fill a need, such as the all-in-one Luvees Panty Coverall. The one thing about her Luvees designs that she was adamant about, was that they would NEVER be a girdle or slimming solution, the focus would always be to address the inner thigh rubbing problem with soft, pretty, yet feminine solutions no matter the size or age of the female.

In order for Anita to fully realize her dream she knew that she would have to give her business her full attention, therefore, on March 1, 2005 she left her job, which offered her a very comfortable living, to give her ideas her full attention. From the day she left her job, things began to move at a pace much faster than she anticipated. You see, all of the seeds that she had planted back in January and February began to blossom forth all at once --- seeds that she thought had only a slim chance of seeing the light of day. Although a new corporation, SELANI has not limited its inventions to the apparel industry. SELANI has other inventions under development and is committed to developing products to address the practical needs of people just like you. 

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